5 Cutest Pet Personalities

August 05, 2016

5 Cutest Pet Personalities

Whether you own a dog or a cat, I'm sure you've noticed that each of your pets are very unique and have their own individual personalities. These are personal character traits that vary from pet to pet, which means every single one of them are special and irreplaceable in their own way.


Confused Dog
Not Reviewed: Confused pets with personality disorders
Source: DeviantArt

1) The Royalties

Queen Cat

All Hail Lady Meows-A-Lot, the first of Her name, Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, Mother of Dragons... Oh wait... wrong blog...


Typically a trait associated with cats, it is not unknown for dogs to also walk around the house like they own the place. These are pets who are more obsessive-compulsive about staying clean than you are, will only eat in small, petite bites and carry themselves with a regality that would put any living monarchy to shame.

It's clear that they are the rulers of all they see and you are merely the puny human who has been deemed worthy enough to tend to their mortal needs like seeing they are fed and cleaning their poop. 

That's right... Think about what your dog or cat has achieved in life and look at yourself the next time you're bending down to pick up their 'leavings'. Now come here and join us crying in our pillows...


2) The Independents

Independent Dog

Sometimes you just really need to get out of the house...


The polar opposites of The Royalties, these guys have learnt a long time ago that human intervention is to be tolerated and not a basic necessity of life. They will open their own doors, make their own beds and even prepare their own meals if they could use a can opener.

This right here is how animals start to take over the world as humans get lazier and more dependent on technology. In short order we'll all be sitting at home living out of our tablets/mobile phones/laptops while dogs and cats rule our world.

Which leads us to...


3) The Nurturers

Nurturing Dog

Pictured Above: Parenting Skills


Need a warm hug on a cold day? No problem. Rough day at work? Here's a tender nuzzle. Need a foot rub? There you go.

Sometimes we get that rare pet that seems to look after us more than we do them. The Nurturers are your 'Pet Parents', they seem to know how you're feeling even before you do and have a general sense of empathy that put most humans to shame.

Plus, their great with kids too!


4) The Chillaxers

Chillax Cat

How I wish my life was...


These are the guys who have figured out the secrets of life. Nothing will shake or move them. They have a strong mental philosophy and nothing in the world will shake them. Their worlds revolve around 3 basic tenets - Eat Like A Pig, Drink Like A Camel and Sleep Like A Buffalo (are Buffalo's known for sleeping? Nevermind, they are now).

This is Zen living at it's pinnacle. Some rare humans have managed to learn the art, but none have perfected it like the Chillax Dog or Cat have!


5) The Hell-Spawn

Naughty Dog

You laugh, but this is how I wake up every morning...

Come on admit it, they drive you nuts, they've made you tear out your hair and occasionally, you've even contemplated suicide, but you really can't imagine life without these little monsters!

They make your days just a little more exciting and unpredictable and are the only reason you haven't died from complete boredom yet.

That's our take on the 5 Cutest Pet Personalities out there. Think there's more we missed? Sound off in the comments below!

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