CLEARANCE - Doggy Dolly Retro Flower Power Carrier

Doggy Dolly

You save 54%

What you''ll immediately notice without even touching your brand new Doggy Dolly carrier is how good it looks - It's a real head-turner! Then you feel the fabric. .. and you're surprised how smooth it is - both on the inside and out! The frame on the other hand is rigid - to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet.

It looks like a chic designer handbag. That means you can do a quick Starbucks run or go on a shopping spree without leaving your little prince/princess in a hot car. It's incredibly comfortable to carry on your shoulder too - the strap doesn't slip off no matter what!

*Comes with removable cushion
**Comes with Doggy Dolly draw-string bag for clean storage

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